Happy Birthday Love

Happy Birthday Love,

You are twenty-five again.  For the third year in a row, you are twenty-five.   When I am old, gray, and wrinkled you will still be young, handsome, and twenty-five.  Your face will be frozen in my memories and all of the pictures I have will reflect you in all your twenty-fiveness.  I am so blessed to have met you, so glad that I got to know you, and so grateful for all the gifts you gave me that I can never repay.  You gave me happiness when I did not think that it was possible.  You gave me hope when I had none left.  You taught me that others do not define who I am, only I can do that.  You made me believe in myself again.  You made me see my worth in this life.  Because of all of those things I am able to stand on my two feet now, head held as high as it can be considering you are gone, and walk forward in my life against all odds.  You also gave me my children.  I feel so blessed to have all of them.  They are all so very different, but also so much alike.  They gave me meaning and reason when all I wanted to do was give up, and they continue to.  You gave me Frank.  Not directly, no.  But, if it were not for your love then I would have never, ever thought it so important to try and find something so wonderful again.  If our love wasn’t so great, loving again just would not be worth it.  You loved me so good that I couldn’t go through my life without it. So thank you, for everything you gave me and continue to give me.

I love you always Mr. Forever twenty-five…for always and always.

The Thief with the Sunflower Eyes who stole your heart.

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