Part of me…

I can say that three years ago I did not think that I would be where I am today.

I am in love again…and that is a wonderful thing.

Today we had to say good bye.  It was something that I was dreading.  I don’t want to be without Frank.  I don’t like that I don’t know when he will return.  I missed him the moment we turned our backs to each other and walked away.  I couldn’t look back.  I was already trying to maintain my composure for the kids…if I turned around it would have been undone.  I echo the same sentiment that Landon did, “I want to go with you…”.  As quick as we got to this time of separation, we will be back together again…I know that.  I know he will be safe.  It is not Afghanistan.  It is not going to be what I have endured before.  It is hard not to let my mind wander though.  It is hard not to think about the worst possibilities and it is hard not to be anxious for his return. I just want this to be over already!

Here’s to a speedy return…

Not complete without your feet…you are one of the best parts of me.

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