One week…??? to go

One down…no idea how many more to go.

I miss Frank. There is no other way to put it.  I hate being without him.

This week Frank missed some really great stuff…Olivia’s end of the year showcase at gymnastics in which she displayed her ability to do  one-handed cartwheels, a back bend, and a nearly perfect flip…an AWESOME 5th inning rally by Olivia’s softball team…Olivia’s two home runs…two fantastic recitals…the opportunity to clean up Michael’s puke after he christened our car…Michael becoming the third and last child to have to complete that mission…two fantastic recitals (Michael and Olivia) and then a CRAZY at home dance party compliments of Olivia and Michael (of course) just this afternoon.

I guess that is military life…that is what a military Dad misses when they have to go away, and it sucks.

It sucks, but I am also very proud of Frank, his commitment to his job (even if it drives me bonkers at times), and his commitment to us as a family.  I oddly find comfort in the fact that I know he is as miserable as us.  Don’t take that the wrong way…I don’t want him to be miserable, to not be able to sleep or eat like usual…but the fact that he is says a lot about the man that he is.  Just as we are not complete without him, he is not complete without us.   We miss him…he misses us.  We wish he was home…he wishes he was home.  Being gone for work…wherever he goes and whatever he does is no longer fun for Frank. Sure, he will enjoy parts of it, but it is just not fun like it used to be.   I am sad for him a little because I know how much he used to love to go and do things.  I know that it was somewhat easier for him too.  He openly admits that things are different.  Things are harder now.  That, I believe, is just what happens when you give someone your heart and when you become a parent…at least it is for us.  I am a lucky women…to have found twice a love (different as they are) that makes time apart suffocating and nearly unbearable.  Nearly unbearable because we will find a way to endure…even manage it better as the weeks go by. We always do.

They’d be better with yours next to them babe…

Now to get through week two…

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