Week three…??? More to go

Three weeks complete and it isn’t getting any easier. Sleep is hard to come by…which means I went from the flu to migraines and head colds. On a positive note the kids are done with school for the summer…so all I have to worry about is my classes and running my butt off. All I want to do is shave some time off my half marathon and survive the marathon. I think I can manage that.

Frank is doing okay. When we get to talk he is tired. He works longer hours there than he does here. Hopefully in a few weeks it will calm down, but I doubt it. Very shortly he will be the senior guy there and I am sure that will mean more responsibility and time…because that is how Frank is. He is certainly ready to come home. He said that this is harder on me than him, but I think he is wrong. Yes, I have to manage two houses and their problems, the finances, and the kids alone…but I’m not missing anything. He is missing everything. I am used to this too. I have done it many times, the only difference now is more land to mow. Well…and my crazy emotions. But when you live with them for three years they become your normal. We have been able to FaceTime when he has had Internet access and he swears the kids each have grown two feet. I can tell it breaks his heart when the kids ask him if we can come get him from the airport yet. Especially with Landon…because he asks every talk they have. Olivia is missing her calming force, so it is hard when she is emotional and we can’t just call Frank at work. Michael is missing his man encyclopedia…sometimes Mommy’s just don’t have the answers Dad’s do. I think after this one he will be done with leaving…which does not mean he won’t have to with schools and jobs to be done everywhere it is inevitable…but hopefully next time he can take us too! I can dream….


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