Sometimes there are songs that rip your heart out in a completely good way…there are a lot of songs that are special to Frank and I.  We have vacation playlists that we have created together, “While I am away” playlists, and just songs that we hear and have to tell each other about immediately.  I am ready for someday…the day that Frank retires and we are free to live our lives the way that we want.  This song gives me hope for that day.  It gives me a glimpse of what Frank and I will be like…even when we are older…as long as we are hand in hand nothing else matters.

*with the extended version there is a verse from Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic”…with that part this post could be interpreted as slightly morbid…but I just love the song in its original form…I just can’t find it anywhere to share!!! That’s just an FYI*

I just love him…and he fills my heart with joy.  It is still hard to know that people would begrudge me my life with Frank…but when I step away from their thoughts and ideas all that matters is that we found each other and we are living the rest of our lives together.  What came before does not change how we love each other.

Frank told me once very recently that he is sorry that it took a tragedy to bring us together.  That if he could he would give me back Michael, just so I didn’t have to be in pain.  He said that he is lucky to have my love and it is something that he will cherish forever.  I cried when he said it and I am crying now because the reality of what he said is raw.  He loves me so much and so completely that he would be willing to take my pain away if he could…it is my hope that he can feel my heart and love for him as much as I feel his.

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