What is this? Week 9??

Garage door broke, water leaked through the ceiling from the upstairs bathroom, garden is way overgrown with weeds cause I am WAY too busy with homework, doorbell still needs fixed, septic tank alarm went off and totally freaked everyone here out, no sleep because sleep is not my friend, missing stuff with my family because of previous situations mentioned in other posts, kids crying cause they are missing Daddy, Dad, Mimi, Papa, kids crying in general, it is already time to get back out on the tractor and mow again, need I go on??

Some things that went right this week:  My mother-in-law came to visit and laid down the cleaning law 😉 So glad I have a clean house and clean laundry and someone to help wrangle the kids. My kids laughed…every day.  A lot and it made everything else seem momentarily not important.

I miss Frank.  A lot.  I wish that he could call, I wish that I knew when he would be home, I wish, I wish, I wish…I love my Frankers way too much for all this time apart!!  Darn it MC for only giving him to us for 2 months out of 2012!!  I won’t even start talking about 2013 because it would literally be too depressing.  Such is this life…YEP! I am over it!  Enough said.

*sigh* Tomorrow is a whole new day…

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