Don’t be rude…

Dear Confederate aka”Rebel” flag flyers,

This is a simple reminder that the American Civil War lasted from 1861-1865. Probably before your grandparents, grandparents were even thought of, but that is really a moot point. While I don’t understand your fascination with a flag that symbolized the division of this nation that we live in and the Confederacy, something you weren’t even part of, I am not going to try to convince you to take yours down. I will make a few suggestions:

1. Try flying the Flag of the United States (too…ughhh!!! I really want to say “only”!!!). It is actually quite beautiful and it symbolizes our Nation’s declaration of independence (which yes I realize I was not alive for) and the freedom that my late husband, fiancé, and many friends and family members have fought for. It marks American territory, is flown at embassies abroad, has been taken to war, and even to the moon!!! Not to mention…it has lasted a hell of a lot longer than the Confederate flag has with it’s waning use and support (hmm….trend much???) PS…During the Civil War the Union still flew the Flag of the United States with all the stars for all the states included, even though the Confederate states succeeded. Does that tell you anything??? The Flag of the United States…IS the Flag of the United States…a government that has lasted more than 4 years (unlike the Confederate)…despite its ups and downs.

2. Yes, I was born in Pennsylvania. No, I am not a Yankee. I was not born or living during the Civil War. So, I am just a Pennsylvanian aka a Pennsylvania born American. So please stop referring to me as a Yankee. Thank you. You can simply call me an American. That is what I am.

3. Yes, you were born in the South. Or by some chance moved here and decided you were southern…but does that really make you a rebel? I wouldn’t call myself a rebel or someone from the North a Yankee if I were you because it just seems sort of ignorant. Try this one: Southern born American.

4. To me, and call me crazy if you want to, the Confederate flag seems to contradict the equality that our Nation is supposed to support. No, we are not perfect, but no nation is. Enough said. I think…

okay…maybe not…I am quite sure if you flew both flags, one as a symbol for the Nation you live in and one for Southern pride (even though I still don’t get it and I don’t quite know what it says about you and what you are proud about…I would like someone to tell me so I know) I might not get so upset. Nah. I would.

5. Did you know that your Southern State has its own flag?? And most of them have some historical reference to the struggles of the Southern states included anyway??? Oh, yeah, that’s the other smaller and lower flag that North Carolina flies with the bigger and higher flag, aka the American flag I previously mentioned.

Recap: Don’t call me a Yankee. It is rude and ignorant. I was born in 1983…if you don’t know…that is 122 years after 1861 when there really was a division of states in this Nation.

Thank you,


*all rude comments will be deleted. I just don’t want to be called a yankee!!! Call me an American!!! Thanks a ton.

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