Love Conquers All

I just read a book for school called “Belle Prater’s Boy” by Ruth White…it is children’s literature…that had a passage that got me thinking…“Aunt Belle had left Woodrow on purpose just like my daddy left me. Not because they didn’t love us. They did. But their pain was bigger than their love.” In the book Woodrow’s mom ran away to find something better and the girl, Gypsy, experienced her father’s suicide.

I don’t always understand how we as humans react to similar situations so differently. When I read this I thought about myself, not because I think my “pain was bigger than my love” but because of the opposite. My love was bigger than my pain. It hurts everyday that Michael is gone, but my love for him and my kids gave me a determination to do what was right by them. Others may not always agree with my decisions, and I am sure I made a few bad decisions too, but I wasn’t going to let the pain of losing Michael take away from the love that he had given me or the love I had left to give.

It is incredibly saddening to me when I hear about military members (or anyone) that commit suicide. It is also saddening to me to know that there are parents who walk away from their children by not taking care of them or treating them badly, instead of allowing others who would love their children to step in. In both cases the pain that they are going through seems to have taken over. Olivia’s situation is a little different, she just had a biological dad that didn’t want to be responsible, but I hope that I can show her that while he walked away, she can still love. She can love him, she can love others, and she can love herself.

Love conquers all…

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