30 Birthday Wishes…

I wish….

Everyone could have what my parents have…first love at first sight and many years of marriage.

And since that is not realistic…that everyone can have chances (like I have had) to love even if they lose or screw things up.

It was always Spring because it is wonderful!! Summer is too hot, Fall is too temperamental, and Winter is too cold.

I could protect my children from life’s crap.

That my children live long, long, long lives.

There were more hours in the day so that it was acceptable to spend too many hours reading in bed before I do anything.

Bacon and chocolate were their own food groups.

I could figure out how to start my book…because it is bursting inside of me and I keep scrapping pages!!!!

For a long and happy life here on out.

For a beach house so that I can paint it orange…because the beach is the only acceptable place for an orange house.

That everything comes together perfectly and Frank and I can get married in 13 months!!!!

For an entire crayon box of “Cerulean”…it’s the prettiest on paper.

That my sister gets her baby girl someday…because babies are awesome and so are little frilly dresses made by Aunt Amy.

That my bestie finds love because she is amazing and she really deserves it!!!

Did I wish for bacon and chocolate to be a food group??? Well…I wish for that again.

My back would miraculously heal…I miss running!!! (I can’t believe I’m saying that).

I could hug Michael and kiss his face one more time…

For the ability to let go of what could have been…

To never forget that despite it all I am loved beyond measure.

That Frank gets to come home soon!! Still holding my breath…

That if I have ever hurt anyone that they forgive me because I have made a lot of mistakes and I am going to make more…

None of our animals die in 2013…for real!!!!

That I find the perfect wedding dress…soon.

Chocolate and bacon…need I say more???

The Steelers come out blazing this year.

For mended fences.

That my two favorite people make it together…get married and have babies (haha…I had to, forgive me).

For a healthy baby…just one…before I’m 32.

For more happiness than I could imagine.

For another 30 years of good health.

Here’s to hoping I knock all those candles out.

Happy 30 to me!! I am so blessed to have been given 30 years of life, love, and lessons…I look forward to the rest.

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