Our Classroom

It is a bit of a mess…but here is our classroom. If I am going to blog about homeschooling, I need to show everyone our classroom! Can I just say IKEA is great?!?! After searching and searching the scores of homeschool classroom ideas around the web I finally have completed our room. There are a few things left to do and get, but I pretty much have our room like I want it. I have to give a shout out to the Mr. For putting everything together for me and being patient while rearranging everything.



We made a room because the amount of homeschooling materials in my dining area was too much. Not to mention the distractions were costing us valuable time each day. After 3 days in our new room things are better, but we still have a ton of room to improve. I LOVE having the computers and printer in one room. Speaking of printers…our laser jet was the best investment we made last year. It saves time and $$$$.



We used:

Two 39ish inch Linnmon tables in white for our computer tables (two against the wall).

Two 47ish inch Linnmon able in gray or our work desks (middle of the room).

16 Adils table legs. We chose table legs because quite simply they were cheaper per table than any of the storage bases. Someday I hope to get storage bases, but this will work for now.

One Trofast frame with 16 white drawers. This originally was for Lego storage (we have a ton), but we bought two and realized we only needed one. That’s okay though, it went perfectly in the schoolroom and holds all of our supplies!

We also got a small table for my youngest (who can’t reach the floor) and two chairs for the oldest. They are on their way, so I will update once I have them.

All of my room ideas came from some other homeschool Mom blogs:




Check out her video tour!!!


I just googled: homeschool classroom ideas.

They are all great!!!

Those colorful drawers are my workboxes. The kids work is separated into the boxes each night, they pull them out and do their work each day. Even my youngest is excited to use them!!

I’ll post more information later…but it is based on Sue Patrick’s workbox method.

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